July 2017 Monthly Reading


Hi there! Amanda here. I decided to do a spread to represent the overall theme of the month for July and then pull four cards, one for each week in the month. I used The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth. I hope you enjoy this reading as it is very appropriate!



The overall theme of the monthLosgunna, Discovery of Self, Adventure

This card is all about exploration! How appropriate for the summer month of July (here in the United States, anyway.) Losgunna encourages us to explore who we really are, the good and the bad. We will discover parts of our talents and potentials that have been hidden by old traumas and misunderstandings, or by lack of opportunity. But this card does not only reflect emotional discovery, but new experiences as well. Listen to different styles of music, try new tastes, look at new sights, and look at them with an open mind. She wants you to explore new ideas.

She suggests soothing baths, hot tubs, trips to places we have never been, take classes in subjects we always wanted to study. Explore!


1st week of JulyMikle a Muckle, Everyday blessings, play, mixed blessings

This card goes along perfectly with the overall theme for July. Mikle a Muckle wants you to be merry with a childlike open heart. Mikle says, “Little things come in good packages.” He can be foolish, silly, and playful. When we stop pretending to be adults for a moment, stop trying to live up to impossible and probably boring standards, we can regain the sense of wonderment and vision of a child. We can see things as they really are.

Mikle is telling us to lighten up and don’t complicate matters! What you see is what you get. Don’t look for hidden and subtle meanings and motivations because they are not there in this case. Don’t get so caught up in the future that you can’t see what is happening now. Welcome adventure, try something you’ve never done before.



2nd week of July – Nelys the Alchemyst, Inner transformation, irrevocable change

Nelys is a mistress of the alchemical arts, representing the study and practice of transforming. She recognizes that transformation may take place from the inside or the outside. When Nelys appears, she waves her wand and things happen in ourselves and in the world. Get ready for things to start happening, inwardly and outwardly. The feeling of stuck is now unstuck and you may have to run to keep up with the pace of change! We can never go back to what we were and in this case, it is a very good thing. ‘


3rd week of July – She of the Cruach, nurturing, fertility

This card is the Great Goddess, the many-named mother of all, and all goddesses are attributes or aspects of her. Her cup, the Cruach, overflows with bounty for all. She is the yin energy of the universe -nurturing, compassionate, and wise. In this particular spread, she is telling us to nurture our desires for adventure and play.


4th week of July – The Rarr, wild energy, pure potential

Rarrs are energetic. They add excitement to what is going on and add energy to it. They are pure potential. Rarrs are like Tigger in the Pooh stories. They bounce, they zoom, they go off on wild tangents. This Rarr is telling you to be attentive to what you are giving your energy and intentions to. Don’t get carried away by his enthusiasm, but do take advantage of the energy. You can accomplish a great deal with this energy! When you encounter the Rarr, breath slowly. Center and earth yourself and be clear about your objectives before you go for them.


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