Color Magick- White

white MMM

White is the color of purity. It’s the color of cleansing and clearing, a blank slate.  It’s the color of a fresh new start.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really liked the color white.  I always feel like a white wall/item of clothing/piece of paper is just an opportunity to add some vibrant, lively color.  That goes for all shades of white, including ivory, bone, linen.  I’d really rather see something evocative.

But what’s more evocative than the weathered white of bleached bone?  Or the texture of an egg shell and the new life it promises?  The purity of light as it fills the interior or a beautiful crystal?

In magick, we use white for cleansing/clearing/purifying.  It’s also the color of spiritual enlightenment, as it’s associated with the crown chakra.  Peace, healing, positive energy, and innocence also fall under the domain of white color magick.

How to use the magick of the color white?  Burn a candle, carry a clear or white crystal or stone, wear a white dress, or collect bleached shells among the white sands of a beach.  Bring the power of white into your magick and bring purity and cleansing into your life!

Blessed be!


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