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Hiya!  I honestly don’t know how to get started with this, so I’ll just start rambling and hopefully fix it later.  🙂

I’ve been practicing for over 25 years- my self-dedication ritual was Ostara of 1992.   I started out really attached to Wicca, but my practice has changed, ebbed, and flowed over the years.  I’ve spent time absorbed in Celtic spirituality, women’s spirituality, faerie faith, green witchery, shamanism, kitchen witchery, and most recently chaos magick.  If I was to describe myself right now, I would say that I’m an eclectic, intuitive Pagan witch.

My practice is devotional, and I do work with deities, specifically Hecate and Inanna right now.  As far as my crafting goes, I work with stones, mojo bags, and tarot most often.  I also make oils, incenses, and teas.  I love cooking special dishes (usually vegan) for the sabbats.

You can find my website at, friend me on Facebook, or get a reading, incense, oil, or other goodies at my Etsy shop.  I also have my own YouTube channel though I’m super excited to work with Amanda and Arya on Mystic Moon Musings!  You can find some of my writing here, with more to follow soon, hopefully.

Merry meet and blessed be!  🙂